Installing this WordPress was easier than I thought. I did try this out in a virtual machine before putting the stuff on a public server, though, and that took a while. Also getting things working on the webserver took a while because I didn’t think of checking the necessary file permissions at first.

I started this new blog because I have used LiveJournal for some years now, but I felt it left me somehow unsatisfied. I didn’t like the outages, and the whole idea of using a blog engine hosted by somebody else with changing terms of service has felt a bit wrong. Now I had to change the provider for my www pages and I thought that I could do a complete overhaul, and make them perhaps more easy to keep up-to-date.

I think I’ll write mostly in English, mostly because I have friends who don’t speak Finnish. I might post in Finnish if the subject is very Finnish, though.

I still need to tweak the theme a bit, but that is not as essential as getting the posts flowing.