Handicrafts and social games

I finally managed to do some handiwork. My trusty bag had developed a hole, and because it is otherwise in perfect condition, I sewed the hole and then realized that I have some Traveller patches, which I got years ago.

I have had plans for the patches, mostly for putting them on some jacket, but all my jackets nowadays have these high tech coatings, so sewing is out of the question and gluing them on feels too permanent. I would like to re-use the patches some time, and getting rid of the glue is more difficult than cutting of thread.

I found out that my patch sewing skills are pretty rusty. There’s a student culture here that the students get these coveralls with their department color, in universities, and then different faculties and associations have patches which get sewn on the coveralls. They are then used in many student parties and things. I sewed a lot of patches to my coveralls, but that was over 15 years ago, so it took some effort to remember how to sew properly.

A bag with a black 3rd Imperium Sunburst on red field on it

3rd Imperium bag

The patch symbol is from the role playing game Traveller. It’s the Imperial Sunburst of the Third Imperium, but I don’t know what branch of Imperial service it’s supposed to be. According to the MegaTraveller Imperial Encyclopedia, the branches have different colored sunbursts but it tells little about the background. The Imperial Interstellar Scout Service has a red sunburst and the Imperial Army a black one, but I’d rather be in the Scouts myself…

It might also be that I’m overthinking this.

I also continued knitting a shawl after a long break. I dropped a couple of loops in it over a year ago and was, as usual, very annoyed at this and just put the work away. Some weeks ago I finally put the thing back together and continued knitting it. It’s my first attempt at knitting lace and the pattern is nice for a beginner. It’s not too difficult but also not too boring.

Rinsessa shawl, not finished

The Rinsessa shawl, not finished

The pattern is Rinsessa from the Ulla knitting magazine. I didn’t consider the length of it, I’m only now on the second skein of yarn, out of five and it feels like it’s going on forever.

Comparing these two projects, I like knitting more as the mistakes can be covered more easily. When sewing even small mistakes show up, but I think the shawl has already multiple mistakes and not even I can see them.

Yesterday I did some knitting in a social situation. I’m somewhat late to the curve, but finally I managed to organize some people to come over and play some Guitar Hero together. I haven’t played it a lot with people, mostly just by myself, and I was amazed how different the game is in different contexts.

While playing by myself I usually play the guitar and try to play for score, or at least stars. This means I try to play technically correctly and use the harder difficulty levels. When playing with friends, it’s more the fun in playing together. YesterdayI mostly played the drums as I haven’t played them that much by myself and it was very fun. Most of the others hadn’t played that much or the songs were unfamiliar so the fun was also in the failing.